Saturday, July 25, 2009

Newest Painting on Ebay

We are offering an ORIGINAL PAINTING by Artist Ron Byrum. Painted on a 3/4" wide gallery wrapped canvas. Ron has painted a beautiful background with the moon rising as the sun sets. The focal point of the painting is the Wizard painted in beautiful colors and an ornate staff. He rises up out of the element of the earth becoming a part of the entire universe. This is a very detailed painting and Ron's has painted his visual understanding of the universe, the Chakras, the wisdom of the Owl, the Raven, Scales of Justice, Astrological signs, math formulas and a grid. All are the symbolism of the universe around us. The Wizard is created from Spirit and Matter, an understanding or knowing of all things that create our world. Ron is a very detailed artist and spends hours painting all the details in his paintings. A beautiful painting, the more you look at it, the more you see. To see it on Ebay click here!! SOLD!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Treats

New Goodies I have purchased for myself!!

A beautiful Cat Clock made by my friend Cat of Eclectic Season Primitives A perfect useful piece for my Halloween collection! Be sure you visit Cat to see all of her other amazing art!

And from a new friend Chelsea Rose of Chelsea Rose Fine Arts I was fortunate to be a winner in her recent Giveaway of the following print "Poetess"

I love this print because it reflects my own feelings sometimes of that moment when I feel like I may loose it any minute. LOL Chelsea Rose is a very talented artist and we wish her much success.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ron's First Haunted House Painting for 2009

Ron Byrum's First Haunted House for the Halloween Season of 2009

We also have Candle Holders and other signs listed this week!!

To See The Ebay Listings Click Here!!!

Drumroll Please ~Giveaway Winners

Our First Blog Giveaway!!!

We have picked the names of the winners for our first Blog Giveaway!

Ron and Daisy helped pick the names! Ron picked the first two!

Daisy picked the third winner! The trick was getting the name from her before she ate it! LOL

Drum Roll!! The winners are:
Linda GT was the first name picked so she wins the Glass Framed Print

His Precious was the second picked and wins the Necklace!

Holly was Daisy's pick and she wins a free print of her choice!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all who participated!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

Wishcasting Wednesday

This is the first blog entry I have written using the Wishcasting Wednesday theme. Jamie challenges us to use our imagination to answer the question What do you wish to invite in? Ron and I have been using our imagination for the past nine years to create a life that makes us both happy. This lifestyle that we have developed is unique and unusual. We left our city life and headed to the hills of Arkansas and attempted to make a living selling our art on Ebay. We have been selling on Ebay ten years this summer. We started in 1999 and moved to our present location in 2000. We bought an 100 year old house and have slowly been remodeling it and adding to our gardens on our three lots. We are backed up to wooded, undeveloped property so we have a great deal of privacy in the back of our yard and it is not unusual for us to see rabbits, deer and even an occasional fox. We had a dream, we believed and some of it has come true. It has not always been easy, sometimes dreams require a lot of energy in the form of physical activity, self motivation and willingness to learn and change. We have seen some of our goals reached. Our biggest wish is to one day have an art gallery so we would like to invite the possibility of this becoming a reality and an association with people who might help us realize our dreams as we help them realize theirs. A trade of skills so to speak! At the moment a very hairy caterpillar is crawling across my computer screen (I have no idea where he came from but I suspect from the fresh flowers I cut and brought
in yesterday) and he has assured me that yes, even this dream can come true! Here's to all of your wishes and dreams come true!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Byrum Art's First Give Away!!

Byrum Art Give Away!!

Byrum Art is Having Their First Give Away!!!!!!

We want to thank all the people who follow us, support our art and have become our friends!

So here are the rules ....comment on this post and tell me clearly that you want to be entered for one chance to win. For a second a link on your blog to this post & come back and let me know you have. I will randomly choose three winners on July 18th @ noon Central Time. I will not count any comments after that point. I will post the winners and post a comment on their blogs - you will have 24 hours to respond. If you do not I will go on to the next person drawn. If you do not have a blog please leave me your contact information.

The first prize is a 4" by 6" Print in a glass frame with stars and moons 7 1/2" by 5 1/2" with our popular Haunted Tree House Print!

The second prize is this beautiful necklace!

The third prize is a print!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beautiful Beveled Glass Frames with Byrum Art Prints

We have listed a selection of our prints in these beautiful beveled glass frames!!

If you like the frames but would like a different print send us an email and let us know which print you are interested in!!

To see on Ebay just click here!!



Inspirtion from Nature

As an artist, gardener and admirer of all of nature I often find inspiration in my gardens. Every morning I go out to feed the birds and check my gardens to see what might need some water and find out what the weather feels like for the day. My garden is the one place I am totally in the moment, I forget everything else and I am in complete focus of the beauty Mother Nature has created from my humble efforts. I found this charming bug this morning and just had to photograph him/her. From a distance it looks like a cob of Indian Corn. The perfect Halloween colors sitting there on a bright pink Zinnea. I really believe if we take the time every day to look around us and enjoy the magnificent creation of our world we will always find something inspiring, beautiful and will feel a little peace in this chaotic world.