Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I received thisBeautiful Easter Doll created by Elsie Ebay Seller Sunshinerosie!

A Swap I participated in with the YOTP Art Group of Ebay!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Haunted White House Original Painting

"Haunted White House"
From Ron's Haunted House Series

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There are people who will come into your life that will take you hostage. Because they are incapable or unwilling to meet their own needs they use other people to get their needs met.

We all need other people at times. We all need the love and support of family or friends but I'm referring to people who need more than a little aid. They require huge amounts of your times, never giving back to the relationship. They are called "takers". If you are by nature a "giver" you can become a "mark" for these hostage takers.

Recognizing them can be tricky. Usually that are master manipulators that have captivated you before you realize what happened. They could be loved ones, family or close friends, a neighbor or a complete stranger. Getting
involved with them is like allowing a murderer in your door. They will literally kill your way of life, your inner peace and your lifestyle.

The hard part is how to recognize these people before they take over your life. The most obvious sign is when one by one you give up things or values you love in order to accommodate their needs. Believing you are only "helping" you rearrange your life, ignore your needs, to help them reach their goals. Secondly you will notice you give more to the relationship than they do. You will also be giving more to the
relationship then you give time to your own interests. The best indication is when they are happy and you are miserable. If you find yourself in this kind of relationship "Run", don't walk, "AWAY". You are learning the lesson of "letting go".

With deep respect! Namaste'


Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Haunted Gardens

Byrum Art is proud to announce that we have been invited to join the wonderful group of ladies who belong to The Haunted Gardens!! This year Ron and I have all kinds of plans for our "Halloween Gardens". We start planting after April the 15th in anticipation of Halloween. Our gardens in the front of our house are all planned around the Halloween season. We use lots of oranges, whites, purples and our favorite Moonvines. This year we plan to add some special lighting and many other ideas we have! So be sure and keep up with our posts to this wonderful, magickal place, where Gardeners gather and share all their treats!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Positive Thoughts

~~~Positive Thoughts~~~

I have the "Positive Thoughts" application on my Facebook page and this morning when I read it I felt like it was written just for me. We've had a lot of changes in our life the last few months and so much has happened so fast I'm just trying to keep up with all the changes. Isn't it funny how life can just go alone in a routine for awhile and then out of nowhere all kinds of events begin to take place. Usually ones I didn't see coming!

My Dad who is 88 years old just lost his third wife. He has outlived three wives, my mother, his second wife he was married to for 25 years and his third one he's been married to for 12 years. Every time he took care of them until the very end, never complaining and now at the age of 88 he finds himself all alone. It has been a really sad time for him and for me. He is an amazing man and every woman should be so blessed to have a significant other as loyal and dependable as he is. I've spent all week with him, just me and him and we've talked more then we have in the last 10 years! Being back home in Texas has been emotional for me, so many memories. I will be so happy to go back to my little cottage and gardens in the Ozarks. He is giving me my beautiful piano that my parents bought for me when I was 16 and lots and lots of daylilies, hybrid day lilies that he and his wife have grown. (Anyone who reads this that wants some just give me an email, he has hundreds!!!!!!!!) So considering the circumstances when I read the following Positive Thought this morning it fit perfectly!!!

"Every experience that you've ever had-everything that's been done to you and everything that you've done to others-has been necessary for your spiritual evolution. All of your experiences have been an important part of your soul's journey. Remember: It's not good. It's not bad. You don't know the whole story."

Wishing all who pass by today a beautiful day!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunshine Award

I am so touched to receive this loving this award!!! Ahhhhh Spring can't wait ~ this Award is for sharing inspiration!!

It is awarded to bloggers whose positiveness and creativity inspires others in the blog world. Wow, how flattering is that!!

My Sunshine Award was presented to me by Brenda from Wicked Wool Gathering!! Brenda is one of those "happy" people that just makes me smile every time I see her Avatar and her blog! She is a bright spot in blog land! So thank you very much Brenda, you made my day!

The Rules for accepting this award are:

1). Place the Award on your blog or within your post.

2). Pass the Award on to 12 Sunny bloggers.

3). Link to the nominees within your post.

4). Let them know they received this Award by commenting on their blog.

5). Share the love and
link to the person from whom you received this Award.

Who Inspire Me and have helped me along the way, my online friends who have touched my heart in a special way!!!

So My Nominees Are:

1). Brenda, Wicked Wool Gathering: You have inspired me more then you probably know :)

2). Sarah, Cottage Garden Studios Sarah you have been such a good friend and inspire me daily!!

3). Dede, Brightest Blessings Wiccans
A new friend I am just getting to know but who has given so much to others!

4). Ron, Byrum Art Because he is my inspiration!!!!!

5). Becca, Magikal Seasons just because you too give so much, you inspire me to keep trying!

6).Linda, Linda JG Designs Her art is so happy!!!

7). Vania, Fantasy Whisphers Her dolls are breathtaking (I hope to own one some day) and she is so kind!

8). Lisa, Lisa Lecture Designs Her angels are inspiring and so is she!

9). Josie, Skeleton In My Closet: I know you are an Award Free Zone, but you are a unique, creative person who inspires us all!!! (I stole this description from Brenda LOL because it is so true!

10). Chris, Prim Country Farms her primitives inspire me to try something new!

11). Jeanne, Wild Woods Art Studio / The Candy Corn Chronicles Another wonderful online friend who inspires me with her giving spirit!

12). Suzie, The Haunted Garden I love Suzie's art and The Haunted Garden is just AWESOME!!!

Thank You Brenda! I am honored!!


Monday, March 1, 2010

ORIGINAL Halloween Painting from Byrum Art


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