Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday (a day late) :)

Wishcast Wednesday

Jamie asked us this week What luxury do you wish for? Then after reading Sarah's answer I realized she had much the same wish as mine. So go with me down the country road in the beautiful state of Arkansas, we are headed west from where I live to Eureka Springs.

This is the most beautiful little historical town in the Ozarks you can imagine. It is just gorgeous, going through all four season, the scenery is breathtaking. Also close to cities like Bentonville, Rogers you have access to all the emminities of a city. The arts, shopping, you name it, it is there. With lakes and rivers with water as clear as your drinking water there is plenty to do for kids too! Boating, sking, camping, hiking, its all there. But what lures me is the art. I already have an art business, a very talented husband and a cottage in the country.

But what I dream of is a bigger house where I would have room for other artists to visit and take lessons from my talented husband and own an art gallery where I could display our art and all of my artist friend's art. I have met so many wonderful, friendly, warm, funny, loving artists online. They have all touched my heart in one way or another! Wouldn't it be wonderful I ask myself if you could be in a community with all of my friends, near and far and
sell their art. Owning an art gallery is my dream!!


Autumnforest said...

A beautiful dream! I bet you can make it happen.

Sarah said...

As Sherry so beautifully wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

Sherry we have the same wish hon..that sweet little cabin in the woods. I would love to create a camp..a retreat for women to come and to do many things. I just adore the pictures is stunning there!! Wow I had no idea!! Here is to this coming to you hon!! Hugs, Sarah

Renee said...

Beautiful Sherry, and thank you for your love.

Renee xoxo

Bridgett said...

That second photo is!

I'd enjoy going there as well. Looks spectacular.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!! Maybe someday your wishes will come true!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sherry!
When I read this post I was so excited. Every year growing up as a child we went to Beaver Lake or Table Rock Lake, and every year we went to Eureka Springs for a visit. I so love that little city (well it was little at the time, and uncommercialized). They still had street sweepers with the trash can on wheels, I remember buying my very first crab apple doll there. It had an ice cream shop with the old stools in it. Everything about it was magical. We went from there to the Christ of the Ozarks, every year. I so loved this magical place. The only thing I hated was the roads, as a kid I always got car sick from the back seat.

My Daddy being a bass fisherman raised us on these two lakes in the summertime. We also visited the Roaring River State Park. Another wonderful place to visit. This state is beautiful. My maiden name was Rogers, so every year we laughed and laughed as went through Rogers, Arkansas, as we felt it was named after us for sure. My Daddy always had to pay a visit to the Bass Pro Shop when we went through there, as there was not any shop like that where we lived in Oklahoma. What fun memories you helped me bring back from my heart this morning. I thank you so much. Yes how very beautiful and lucky you are to live in this beautiful state. The seasons are so breath taking. thanks for sharing this morning. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

The Traveler said...

Through most of my childhood my parents would take us on car trips across country. During those trips we would inevitably stop in Branson Missouri to see The Shepherd of The Hills. It has always been my dream to live in the Ozarks ever since I first looked out on them as a little girl. You are very lucky to see them every day.

Crafty Cutie said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful dream! I hope that dream comes true for you some day. And when it does, I want to come visit! :)

When you have a moment, please stop by my blog. I have an award over there for you. :)


Karen D said...

As Sherry wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. Beautiful dream, may it be so.