Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wish Cast Wednesday

Wishcast Wednesday

Dear Jamie has offered us a challenge again today.. "What do we wish to let go of?"

I always go to Sarah's blog first to see what she has written. We always seem somehow to be on the same page and she has become such a dear friend. I guess because we have so much in common. So as usual I could relate to her answer. Both Ron and I push ourselves too hard. So I think I would answer that question with the answer "I would like to let go of the need to work all the time." It runs in my family, this endless need to be doing something. Whether it is job related or cleaning house, it seems there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all I want to do. A counselor once told me that I create my own stress because I expect so much from myself. Tis true, tis true! Most of the things I do are such a joy to me I don't think of them as work but my family does. :) So I have to let go of this driving need to be doing something and find time to relax and smell the roses (oh yes I do have some) LOL.

I also wish to let go of my need to know what is going to happen in the future. I have to constantly remind myself that all we have is today, that tomorrow is not here yet and if I knew the future it would probably SCARE me to death anyway. My Dad tells me I have always been that way, wanted to know where we were going and why we were going and I drove him crazy with all my questions. He said my favorite word was "Why". So I'm trying to learn how to let go of needing to know "what is going to happen" and "why". Such a small word that causes me a lot of stress. Most of the time I never do find out the answer so I have to just trust the Universe is "unfolding as it should", even my little universe!!


Jennifer said...

As Sherry Wishes for herself, I lovingly wish for her as well~

Yes, we are on the same page and I wish only but peace, balance andlove for you and Ron!~

Sarah said...

As Sherry wishes for herself..I wish for her also!!
Yup..I think this is why we get on so well hon!! Two peas in a pod. I'm with ya here!! We need to help each other step off the wagon now and again. I still think we need to go to a spa...yup!! Hugs and love hon, Sarah

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Wow! I could have written your post today! I am married to a Ron and we are both workaholics! We always think that we will get caught up and then take a break....hhmmmm! We need to work on that! Have a beautiful day!

The Traveler said...

Such simple things but so hard to do in reality. I hope you can find a way to have everything you are wishing for!

Haunted Swamp Designs said...

Sherry what you wish I wish for you!

I need to let go too, let it go - let it go!


Bridgett said...

As Sherry wishes for herself, I wish for her as well.

So mote it be!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your images are hauntingly bootiful. Have a spooktacular day!

My foster sister and brothers are Byerrums. Are you (or your husband) of Danish origin?