Wednesday, February 24, 2010



My life it seems was destined for changes to occur frequently. Many times I have felt like a tumbleweed blown by the wind never knowing what was coming next. I gave up trying to predict what was going to happen a long time ago because always just when I think I have it figured out, something blind sides me and what I thought might happen doesn't and what I never even thought of does. I can sometimes correctly guess at what is going to happen to other people but my own life remains a mystery to me. Like reading a novel and not having a clue on how the story is going to end.

We all go through it, life is always changing, from birth to death we live our lives. We have just had a loss in our family that profoundly changes the dynamics of our family. Without going into a lot of detail I'll just say it has been a time of contemplation for me, going down memory lane with my 88 year old father. So many memories in my short 54 years, I know there will be more. I was looking at some of Ron's art and realized that he captures much of our life in his paintings. I choose a few to make a slideshow to visualize what I am feeling.

Life is almost like a Kaleidoscope, turn the wheel and life changes, seasons pass, stages of life are transitioned through. Starting out young and strong, going through the years from child to adult can be difficult and quite frankly when I look back on my life during those years, Ron's "Funny Farm" comes to mind, everything turned upside down, topsy turvy, I was a "drama queen". Lots of drama and masks I hid behind until I learned to be a Warrior and fight off the fears that held me back. This required a few confrontations along the way. Sometimes life seems like a very complicated game to me. I sometimes have to confront the things that get me side tracked from my goals.

But by learning to set boundaries and take care of myself instead of looking for happiness outside of myself I learned to appreciate joy and I think I began to learn to fly. It has been a long journey and is not over yet. We are all walking "storybooks" for we are all human but spiritual creatures all in one. I have learned that it is within me I find all the answers to the questions I ponder on and when I feel "Safe From Within" I feel whole.

I hope you enjoy the little slideshow of just a few of Ron's many pieces of art.

For those who might pass this way and not know my Dad who is 88 years old has lost his third wife and I am presently in Texas helping him deal with this huge change in his life. It saddens me that he has to go through this for he has already outlived two wives but I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with him. He has always been a constant in my life, like a
lighthouse, always there. Give your parents a BIG HUG today!


prim country farms said...

Sherry you speak the truth and I know for myself I have felt the sameway in my life. Thank you for your beautiful words. And my prayers are with you and your family.

Sarah said...

Aww sorry all this is going on! ou know I am here for you and will be whenever you need me! It just seems that life is change..sometimes good and sometimes not so much. Hugs to you hon and I hope things settle down again soon.
Love you, Sarah

Brenda LaBell said...

Sherry, oh how true. I to feel like a kalediscope twirling around with the unexpecteds. I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. Your poor dad must be at a lost, it's great that you can be there for him and yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.