Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life Is Good Award

Chris at "Christina Primitive House" gave me this lovely award!!
Thank you so much Chris ~ You made my day and I am honored!

So I am suppose to answer her 10 questions and pass it on to 6 bloggers.

1.What is your favorite dessert? Popsicles

2.What is your favorite color? Purple

3.If you could go one place in the world for a vacation where would it be?
Where Sarah lives in Idaho

4.What is your dream house like? My house remodeled

5.What is your favorite pet? My beagle Daisy

6.What would you like to be doing in 5 years from now? The same thing I'm
doing now except more of it which is art!

7.What is your favorite music? Inspirational like Enya

8.What is the one thing you love to do? I love art!

9. What is the one thing you hate to do? Cooking

10.What do you collect? Art

Dede at

Sarah at

Ron at

Brenda at

Jeanne at

Chris at

These are ten questions that I came up with.

1.What makes you happy, silly happy?

2.What is your favorite flower?

3.What talent would you like to have that you don't?

4.Do you have pets?

5.Do you like spending time alone?

6.Do you like gardening?

7.What is your favorite song?

8.What do you like to do for others?

9. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

10.How is your bedroom decorated?


Tery said...


prim country farms said...

Hey Sherry
Thank you sweet lady for this award. I will hold it with the highest regard and respect.
I will have to think about this one for a little bit and I will be honor to show it off.
Thank you again!!

Jeanne said...

Thanx so much for thinking of me!

I'm lovin' the Veggie Kids! Great job!

prim country farms said...

Hey Ron now it is your turn I have award for you!!


Brenda LaBell said...

Thank you dear Sherry, your such a sweetie!!! I enjoyed reading your answers to Chris' questions.

Thanks again for thinking of me!!


Sarah said...

Oh oh oh oh yay..I wanted to do this one...giggle thank you hon..I am touched!! Big smooshy hugs!
Love, Sarah

Dede said...

Congratulations Sherry! Thank you so much for thinking of me to pass on to. Will post soon. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!