Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Sweet Award!!!

An Award ~ Woo Hoo I love receiving these!!
I received this one from my friend Sarah
of Cottage Garden Studios! For beautiful art and photos be sure and visit her!

So the rules of this award are:

1. Post who gave you the award.

2. State ten things you like.

3. Give this award to ten other bloggers, and notify them with a comment.

Ten Things I like

1. Soft breezes that make my wind chimes sing
2. Clean Sheet with lots of Fabric Softner (smells so good)
3. My beagle Daisy, I truly love this little dog.
4. Flowers, flowers and more flowers!
5. The smell of black cherry candles!
6. Where I live ~ it is beautiful with clean air and clean water.
7. Sewing
8. Designing
9. Halloween (almost time to countdown)
10. My online friends who brighten my days

who are:

1. Heather of Witch Hollow Primitives
2. Jeanne of The Candy Corn Chronicles
3.Brenda of Wicked Wool Gathering
4. Dede of Brightest Blessings
5. Cindy of Shabby Hag Decor
6. Lynda of Haunted Swamp Designs
7. Becca of Magickal Seasons
8. Chris of Magical Fairies
9. Cat of Merely a Dream
10. Right back at Sarah!


Magical Fairys said...

Thank you Sherry for this sweet award. I am so honor to get it from you.

Magical Fairys said...

Hey Sherry and Ron I wanted to give this award to both of.
So please go and pick it up from my blog.

Brenda LaBell said...

Whooo hooo Sherry, thank you so much for thinking of me!!! I am over the moon. Your such a sweetie, been missing you!! Great Big congrats on being featured, you and Ron deserve to be featured everywhere, your work is so wonderful!!

((Big Hugs))

Halloween Spirit said...

Thanks Sherry! I'll get this posted on my blog tonight! You're so sweet!