Saturday, September 25, 2010 Ad in Celebrate 365 Magazine!!

Our copy of Celebrate 365 Magazine hasarrived and the ad for is beautiful!!! My photo does not do it justice, it looks much better in the magazine!!

The ad is created around Ron's Witchy Spider with a beaded spider web and art from the team of artists that belong to the group! Other fellow artists art in the ad are Cindy Tevis, Jamie Moore, Susie Pastor, Shirley Olson, Robert Brawley, Sylvia Smiser, Jeanne Gripp, Jan Pierce, Becky Federico, Karen Harper, Brenda LaBell, and Heather Millott. Congratulations to all the artists and your art is just awesome! If you are interested in joining our wonderful team of artists just visit the link above!

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Sharon said...

I just got my Celebrate 365, and love your Witchy Spider! Is it available for purchase?