Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall's Glory After Summer's Grace

This is the most beautiful time of the year in our gardens. After nurturing our plants and flowers all summer they reward us with boundless beauty, morning glories gracefully draping over the mailbox, the moonflowers have climbed their long trek up the lattice where blossoms as big as our hand open at night and the scent, oh how incredible! The humming birds are busy visiting the four o'clock, petunias, phlox and feeders we put out for them! The wind chimes blow from the breezes shifting back and forth from the south one day and the north the next. Soon the hills will be dressed in all their fall glory! There is the smell of fires being lit as neighbors begin to burn the leaves that are falling. Yes fall has arrived, summer is ending. The sunsets are extraordinary and the tomato vines have been plentiful with their sweet little cherry tomatoes, so sweet we pick them and eat them right in the garden.

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Dede said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! Fall will bring its own beauty with all of the colors. Your cherry tomatoes sound wonderful. Our garden didn't do well at all this year, I think it was all of the rain. Wishing you a productive week!