Friday, September 13, 2013

Halloween Artist Wanted ~ New Halloween Art Group

We just recently learned that Deborah Sweigart has passed away after fighting a battle with cancer.  We are very saddened by this news.  Day was the inspiration for so many Halloween Artists who began their careers by selling on Ebay way back when Ebay was really an auction site.   She was the founder of HA31, an Ebay art group and ran for many years.  She selflessly gave to all of us her time, encouragement and the opportunity for our art to be seen by the public through Halloween

We are also saddened to find that the website is now unavailable.  I don't know the details, if her family intends to put it back up or not but for now it seems it is just offline.  Day personally encouraged Ron and me and was a great inspiration in our continuing to produce our art and belong to this beloved Halloween Ebay Art Group.  We've met many Halloween Artists as a result of belong to the group, some of those members have become quite successful.  So it is in "Loving Memory" that we are considering starting another web site to be open to all of the Halloween Artists members to join together and continue Day's endeavor to have a group that supports, encourages and enjoy our love of Halloween!

Myself, Ron Byrum and Heather Millott of Witch Hollow Primitives have purchased the website   We are probably a little late this season to make much of an impact but as we all know Halloween Artists work on Halloween year round.  We will let anyone who is interested know when we have the site up and running.  In the meantime, if you are a Halloween Artist that was a member or even those who weren't, we would like to know how many Halloween Artists would be interested in joining our group.  If you are interested or have any comments you would like to share you can email me, Sherry Byrum at or Heather at

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Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Wonderful post Sherry and well said! I myself personally owe a lot to all the wonderful artists that me and Day have met over the years. We have always been like a family and I wish nothing more than to carry on that family tradition to honor both Day and the all the Halloween artists!