Tuesday, February 3, 2009



I have been given my first blog award!!! From Sarah Sullivan @ http://rowenleaf.blogspot.com/

I love Sarah's art because it is so Whimsical and one piece I own of a Witch walking has a very personal meaning to me. She offered it for sale on Ebay on a day I was having a hard time and it just called to me. I treasure it! Sarah has become one of my treasured friends and I admire her as an artist and for the beautiful, loving spirit she has. Thank you Sarah! You made my day!!

Seven things I truly love:

1) My husband Ron, my furry children and my online friends!

2) Art, reading, writing and music! I love writing in journals, lettering signs and making cards. I love playing the piano but I do not have one right now. I love all kinds of music from classical to Celtic and all the old music from the 60's, and 70's.

3) Bird watching and walking! I especially like walking in the woods and around the lake at Mammoth Spring State Park and through the streets of the little town we live in! Walking empowers me physically and emotionally. I meditate and pray and walk. There are so many little things I see in nature I would only see while on foot. I also like riding my bike.

4) Gardening ~ I love putting my hands in the dirt and seeing the results of my efforts season after season.

5) I love when mine or Ron's art really touches someone and they email me and tell me how much it means to them. To give to others through my creativity brings me great pleasure.

6) I love creating tags from our art for others to use.

7) I love when my house is clean, the sheets are freshly laundered and the wind blow softly, I can hear the wind chimes and candles are burning!

Artists and Creators I admire are:

Heather of Witch Hallow Primitives @ http://witchhollowprimitives.blogspot.com
She has become such a special blessing in my life at a time I really needed a
good friend and I learn from watching her. I admire her art style, her
absolute belief in herself and who she is and what she wants and her sweet,
loving nature.

Jennifer @ http://gypsy-warrior.blogspot.com/
Creator of Ye Olde Witches Magazine. Jennifer means more to me then she
knows. The Universe brought her into my path and through her friendship I
found my way to my spiritual calling. I admire her enthusiasm and

Sarah @ http://rowenleaf.blogspot.com/ for the reason I stated above!


Sarah said...

Aw hon - your so sweet! You deserve it!!!!

Gypsy said...

Congrats! YAY!!

Thank You! You made my night! You mean more to me than I can express!