Friday, February 6, 2009

Hand Made Greeting Cards

Card Set

Four Halloween Cards

Embellished & Hand Lettered

We are now offering Halloween cards we have created using our most popular Haunted House Prints. Each card measures the size of a piece of 8 1/2" by 11" piece of card stock folded in half. The front has a print of four different Haunted Houses and the inside are hand lettered in different colors with Halloween greetings! Ron and I imagined our own line of greeting cards as early as 1982 and the logo we have put on the back of our cards was hand drawn by Ron is 1988. The cards we sell are an affirmation to ourselves and others that Dream can come true. We our planning on offering many sets of Halloween card this season. This is the first set we have created. Each card will have the "Sunny Cards" logo printed on the back.

We designed this logo because my nickname in High School was Sunny and Ron made the logo for me. We have also included Byrum Art so that they are recognized as our work!

This set includes one each of "Witches Haunted House", "Trick or Treat Haunted House", "Haunted Tree House" and "Ghostly Manor". Also included are four matching envelopes. They will be mailed with a black satin cord tied around them. Would make an unusual gift or keep them for yourself! They are available for sale on Ebay!!


Sarah said...

Oh Sherry - that's wonderful!!!! They are lovely! I can see you being called Sunny!!

Clay Perry said...

hey, those are really nice

Haunted Swamp Designs said...

Wonderful!!!! I will never be the artist you are....well maybe only in my dreams! I love looking at all your art old and new!