Sunday, March 22, 2009

Newest Listings On Ebay

Ron Byrum's Entry for the HA31 Ebay Art Group Eerie Equinox Spooky Spring Challenge

Artist's Statement About His Painting

The Artist's Statement about this piece : "As the circle of life spins endlessly, Light and Dark take their turn at having the greater influence and presence. The Equinox shift occurs in March and September. This Equinox illustration represents the Spring Easter Season and the Light will begin its reign for six months. With a Rainbow of Promise, Golden Splendor and warm breezes, life will rise up from it's long winters end. The dark must give way to the Light and refrain from its hold. The Light has no gently lifted the shadows and the rabbits will live, multiply and play. The eggs will hatch and the young will flourish as seeds sprout and grow."

I have had a lot of fun designing the signs pictured above. I have created a line of signs using Ron's beautiful Witches printed out on Sticker Paper then applied to wood boards and embellishing them with fancy borders and sparkling glitter. I just love all the different colors of glitter that are available now! Also I love using Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones to embellish my signs.

I am always listing new ones so be sure to keep your eye on our Ebay listings for new designs!!


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Creepy_Creations said...

Great job both of you!! The challenge piece is awesome! I really love the Magick Happens sign too!