Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sarah at gave me this beautiful award! Sarah does not know how much she means to me, her art is as lovely as she is and I enjoy both her art and talking to Sarah! 7 Unusual things I love are:

I love wands, hand made ones!

I love colored socks, especially Halloween ones!

I love psychology!

I love rocks and marbles!

I love waxed floors!

I love to wear barrettes in my hair!

I love laying in the grass and watching the clouds!

So I will pass this on toooo.

Heather @
whom I love very much because she is a trustworthy lady and a cool artist too!


Sarah said...

Thank you hon!!! You are a blessing in my life!!! I can't think of any one better to give it to!!!! Yay Heather!!!
I looove colored socks!!! The rest of my wardrobe - ehhhh - wht ever - but I loooove the socks!!!! I also have a collection of marbles and sea glass!!! Hugs, Sarah

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

lol, I was chuckling about the colored socks too, Sherry you rock! I have a drawer full of fuzzy, fluffy socks in every color.
Thank you so much, your a dear friend and I love you!

Betty BeadBug said...

My husband carves lovely wands...his wizard wands are my favorite! :-)