Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tribute to Us and Our First Award Creation

We have received this beautiful tribute From DreamLife Studios:

"Wonderful blogger, SevEn cLoWn CirCuS has a wonderful weekly excercise called Tuesday's Tribute where you can appreciate others around you. It's true, *It's not all about you.", there are other beautiful Spirits out there deserveing to be appreciated. The more you give out, the more you will recieve in return.

My Tribute today is Ron and Sherry Byrum from Byrum Art. Sherry and Ron are two of the most talented and beautifully spirited people I have ever got the wonderful chance of meeting. There artwork is a mixture of Witch Art, Fantasy Art and other mixed media.

Their kindness is beyond compare and their spirits are to be admired. Living solely on being artists, something that is to be admired all by itself is
something I look up to and they are my inspiration to achieve more, be more and to go higher and higher.

You can find their artwork on Bonanzle,
Etsy, Ebay, as well as their website
Take a stroll over to their online shops and be inspired. They are always
creating something Magickal to bring Love, Light, and Magick into your home! I should know, I have one of their paintings!~" Jennifer Toppel

Introducing our Byrum Spiritual Art Award

Our Spiritual beliefs are very important to us and we believe they manifest in our art. Our relationship and our individual personalities also manifest in our art. The viewer may not always see it but we do. So its like as Ron says "We give a little of me to you!" I see other artists on my journey's online who also achieve this. Their art is inspiring, whimsical, bring joy to others, show different lifestyles in a different view. They carry a message that is received according to the perceptions of the
viewer. What else is this but Magic and Spiritual?

I would like to give our Award to two ladies who have touched me in a profound way ~ Heather of Witch Hollow Primitives
and Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios!
Just click on their Studio names to learn more about them.

I ask Heather and Sarah to pass the Award on to two artists who have inspired them.


Sarah said...

Aww thank you hon - I loooove it! What a beautiful award - both in meaning and in looks - wonderful - whoo hoo - happy dance.I'm so very touched to be one of the first!!! Huge hugs and Namaste, Sarah

Sarah said...

Ohhhh sorry - I was so touched - congratulations on your very wonderful award too!!!!

Suecae Sounds said...

I came here from Sarahs blog. I really must say that I found your text that accompanied the award to be very profound and true.

Kim said...

Gosh, what a beautiful blog. I've barely had chance to look around, but so far, it's gorgeous! Thank you for leaving a comment so that I can enjoy your blog :)

Kim x

Jennifer said...

I wrote that Tribute to You and Ron because it is So Very True! I am VERY Thankful to have been introduced to your work. It's the Very First Time, that I actually *felt* something when looking at Art! It feels so true within me and my Spiritual Path, as well as the Fun side of me!~

♥♥♥♥♥ Jennifer™® ♥♥♥♥♥ said...

your blog is feel good

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Oh Sherry, you honor me I am very touched. Thank you so much and for everything else you have given me!

much love always