Monday, May 11, 2009

New Treat From Cindy of HalloweenSpirit01

L@@K At the Beautiful Necklace Cindy of made for me!!!!

She used one of my favorite images in our Print collection "Free Spirit". Cindy had no way of knowing that I already have my Halloween Costume for this year picked out. A beautiful cloak BY VON LANCELOT I bought on Ebay (Ebay Seller MyCloak)! I bought a beautiful Nugmet and plan on wearing a beautiful Brown Velvet Dress under the Cloak. I was shocked when I opened the necklace Cindy sent me. It was as if it was made for the Cloak and Brown Velvet Dress. This year Ron and I are going to set up at the Annual Spooktacular our town has and another craft show in Hardy, AR, hundreds of people show up and we are going to be dressed up and have prints for sale and let Ron sign them! Oh I am going to look sooo good!! LOL Huge Thanks to you Cindy ~ I love it!! Be sure you check out Cindy's items on Ebay (Ebay Seller HalloweenSpirit01)

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Sarah said...

Ohhhh aren't these wonderful!! I love what she's doing with the clay - amazing!!!