Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Buy Hand Made ~ Support Your Local Artists

Buy Hand Made ~ Support Your Local Artists

I was reading another artist's blog Karri of Three Spotted Dogs and she had blogged about this subject. I could not express it any better then she has so with her permission I have posted her writing here.

"Why buy handmade? As the giver of a handmade gift, you have supported an artist directly. Someone much like yourself, with bills to pay, family to feed and
clothe. Artists and Craftsman that have spent many hours and their own resources to create pieces that you can share and be proud of. Pieces that no one else mass made, imported, big business marketing! You can avoid the chain & department stores in favor of something of much more meaning and value. The recipient of the handmade gift receives something that is one-of-a-kind (OOAK), and made with love and care, attention that can not be matched by a machine. You and your giftrecipient get the gratification of art and skill that is absent in the world of large-scale manufacturing. You may also find that buying handmade is environmentally a plus too. Many artists use recycled and green material to fashion wonderful fine art pieces.

From quilted to crocheted...painted or sculpted...felted or sewn...the possibilities
are endless.
So here's a plug for Myself and my Fellow Artists & Friends...Buy Handmade This Christmas! Or Anytime!

Some of my favorite links are listed under blogs I follow. There are links to artists groups I'm proud to be part of as well (BWBA, AHQU, HA31). Check out ebay, etsy, or selling blogs! Click those links from our handmade! "

Thank you Karri for thinking of all of us Artists!!

And if you haven't seen Karri's work, its gorgeous, be sure and visit her blog!!


Bridgett said...

Agreed. And well said!


Dede said...

I so agree with you! Handmade is so much nicer, love handmade. It is by far better quality and unique. Not mass produced. Great post!


Brenda LaBell said...

Well done Karri and Sherry!!! I hate buying gifts that either don't work or break the same day!!! I love handmade!!


magikalseasons said...

Wonderfully put Kari and Sherry! :)

Barbara said...

Hey Sherry, I left a little something on my blog for you. Have a great night.
Hugs, Barbara

Sarah said...

Well said!!! Very well said!!
Love, Sarah