Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wish Cast Wednesday

Wish Cast Wednesday

Jamie Ridler asks us "What do we wish to dare?" I believe life is all
about cycles and as Stevie Nicks asks in her song "Landslide" "Can I sail through the changes, can I handle the seasons of my life, I don't know." So many changes have ocurred in my life in the last two years it has been almost overwhelming. When a family illness took us by surprise in September 2007 I started searching for answers. Ron and I had already achieved some small success on Ebay with out Art. We lived in a Cottage that is a work in progress and we have beautiful gardens. Just as I was settling into a comfortable routine life changed in a profound way, hit with a brick would describe it. I knew I needed help, support. I joined some groups on Ebay and one of members welcomed me and reached out to me and I began to share with her on a personal level. One in particular and she knows who she is; I followed her all over the internet. That led me to what some of us knows as the "Black Hat Society Network" where I found another place of refuge. I was thinking at this point these women are nice enough but how can I learn from them when they are so much younger then me. I had no idea just how much I could learn. They took me by the hand and led me into a completely new way of life I had never even considered, a spiritual haven. Heather of Witch Hollow Primitives and Jennifer, founder of the Black Hat became my daily, online connections. They had no idea how much was unbalanced in my personal life. They accepted me just as I was and I finally found the place I could fly. I owe them both a tremendous amount of gratitude. The Universe sent them to me, of this I am sure.

Now I wish to dare to embrace this new life and not hide it but shout to the world "Don't judge other people with different spiritual beliefs then your own, if you do you will cheat yourself." I dare to keep believing I might actually succeed in the world of art, and hold on to this beautiful place I call home. That the other shoe isn't going to drop, I dare to trust again, to love again, to laugh again, to live again. And now as the circle takes me into middle age my 32 year old son is coming back home and he's bringing more. LOL Two small children and I dare to believe Ron and I can do this, we can handle it. Because I have a support system that makes me strong, because I believe the Universe is working and even if I don't understand the "whole picture" I understand little pieces here and there and it is going to be alright if I just keep daring to "Believe"!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an inspiring message. My life is changing and I am trying to wrap my brain around it and live each day. I feel optimistic but I have to wake up and decide to live that way every day. When I look around at what others are going through..all I can do is count my blessings. Hope things work out for you. My hubby is a Ron, too...they are special...the BEST!

Jennifer said...

As you have watched me grow, I have watched you as well. Although, it took a while, I am honored and Blessed that you gave me the chance to enter into your Creative and Inspiring World. You and Ron inspire me in my creativity, as well as my marriage to my own *Ron* :)

Everything happens for a reason and you are right where you are supposed to be!~

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Ahhh my dear sweet Sherry girl, it is you that has given me so much. The universe brings people together in mysterious ways, I no longer question it I just embrace it because it led me to you. For that I will be eternally grateful. So the gratitude runs both ways. A perfect balance of two hearts that needed healing and found each other.

We are and shall remain kindred spirits in this life and through the next, come what may I will always have a hand extended to you, my bestest friend.

I Love You :)

Sherry Byrum said...

Ahhh Heather you are so right!! We both needed healing and still do and we shall remain kindred spirits!!
Love ya Heather girl,

Sarah said...

Oh Sherry..that was beautiful hon!! Wonderful deep post!! You are blessed with these two wonderful women..both of them I know and know how dear you are to them..and me too!! May things go smoothly hon!!
As Sherry wishes for herself, I wish for her also!! Hugs and love to you hon, Sarah