Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift

This year Ron and I have the unique opportunity to spend Christmas with our son Christopher and his two beautiful children. They have lived over 500 miles from us for the last 10 years and Christopher has recently moved to our town and is staying with us until he settles in and moves to his own place. They will still be living in our area. This is a beautiful, unexpected gift Ron and I did not anticipate. Christopher is very musically talented, he writes his own lyrics and melodies. He has just started learning to
network online with MySpace, Facebook, etc. He has his own page on MySpace and Facebook if you are interested in reading more about him (for those who might wonder he is available LOL). We will be recording him soon and uploading his music to YouTube and will update our blog when this is available.

The main reason I'm writing about this today is that Christopher wrote a blog this morning that really touched my heart and with his permission I am posting it here!

"Life is funny, we grow up wanting to be
old. Then we get old wanting to be young. Do we really know which is fun? We
thrive for money and gold letting everything else go. If we aren't careful we
find our self with no one to hold. Why is it we can't see the life we
lead? Our world is blinded by greed. For money we push and shove.
We even give up love. When did we forget how to feel. Why do we hide our
hearts in a shield. Put down the swords and stop the fight. Then we can
see the light. Love is what we need not power and greed."

So simple but so true! Here's wishing everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and a better year for us all in 2010!!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

so glad to hear the fates have brought your son and grandchildren back your way... cant wait to hear his music....

Autumnforest said...

Definitely want to hear his music. You have a beautiful family. What a lucky lucky person! Hope he takes off with his writing and music. My husband is an engineer at Fender Musical Instruments research and development and in a band (drummer) and finding good songwriter, guitar, vocalists--rare thing. Our son grew up around music and he plays drums too. I love having music around the house (especially because have no talent at all in that arena). It's such a wonderful gift. Hope he keeps persuing it. Musicians are such wise old souls.

Lisa said...

IT is so simple, and true. Thanks, Sherry for sharing, it made me cry. I guess that's when we know...enjoy your family, always!


Brenda LaBell said...

Sherry, what a beautiful Christmas gift!! A great looking bunch too!! The season is so magical when celebrated with children and the young at heart. Love your son's blog post, so true!! Blessings to you and yours Sherry!


Dede said...

Your son's blog post is beautiful and from the heart. Enjoy the holidays with your son and grandkids. It is wonderful to have the little ones around, enjoy them.


Bridgett said...

Very true, indeed!

Yule blessings to you!