Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Award!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

The Domestic Witch Award

I love what she says on her page "Weaving magic into domestic life."

That is what I try to do and have for as long as I can remember! I always felt there was something magickal about a single flower in a vase, a candle lit, christmas lights, bows on a pretty package, the simple little things like a butterfly flying by, the first daffodil in the spring. There is Magick all around us all the time! Why not make our life's a little magickal? Nature is our greatest teacher.

So...when I finally opened my eyes and saw Sarah had given me this award day ago I was delighted to find this "Domestic Witch". Her blog is wonderful so be sure and check it out. I love this award!! Thank you Sarah!!!

It is for Achievement in Magical Housecrafting

The rules are simple enough~

If you've been bestowed The Domestic Witch Blog Award:

~ Pass the award on to 3 blogs about Domestic Witchery that you really enjoy.

~ Include the award in your blog post.

~ Link the nominees within your post.

~ Don't forget to mention the person who gave you the award.

~ Let your chosen winners know that they received The Domestic Witch Blog Award by commenting on their blog.

So to a my special Domestic Witchy Friends I will pass it on to..

Heather of Witch Hollow Primitives

Jeanne of The Candy Corn Chronicles

Lynda of Haunted Swamp Designs


Sarah said...

Whoo hoo hon - so glad ya liked it! I so want some of those stripey tights!!! You exemplify this award hon right down to your beautiful heart and soul!!
Hugs, Sarah

Jeanne said...

Thank you Sherry! You have no idea how you have brightened my day! Hugs!

Sherry Byrum said...

Thank you Sarah for honoring me! :) You're such a good friend!!

Your welcome Jeanne.

LindaGJ said...

What a cool Award!!! Congratulations!
Linda :)

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Are we always on the same page? lol I left you the same award on my blog!!!
Thank you so much,