Monday, August 10, 2009


I think as artists our feelings sometimes can't be put in words but instead through a brush we paint our thoughts, our inner most feelings. This painting has always spoke to me of devotion and unconditional love. The innocence of the little colt Unicorn and the trust it has put in the fairy. I watched a movie this week end called "The Colt". It was a Hallmark movie about a Civil War soldier and his experiences after to his surprise the Mare he rode gave birth to a colt. He was totally surprised and his commanding officer ordered him to kill the colt because it would be a distraction. Long story short the soldier could not kill the little colt and neither could his commanding officer so they made him their mascot. All through the movie I just knew they were going to kill the colt. I sat on the edge of my seat every time the colt was in danger. In the end the colt gets hung up on a rock by his lead in a fast moving stream. His owner immediately drops his gun and risks his own life to save the colt. The enemy on the other side sees the colt struggling to keep his head above water and to the amazement of all the soldiers involved drop his weapon and helps the other soldier save the colt. All is well, the colt has caused emotion that no one expected, proving the soldiers were capable of love. Just as I was about to be content with the ending a lone shooter shots and kills the colt's owner. The movie ends with the soldier lying on the ground and the colt and Mare standing above him and I cried like a baby. It effected me so profoundly I was surprised. Ron told me "Sherry its just a movie, its not real." I was angry the movie ended in this manner so I've thought all week end what was the writer trying to express, why did he end it like that? The only thing I can come up with is that the Soldier had accomplished something unheard of by his devotion to the little colt and love had overcome, just for a moment, love had won. I like to believe that it is possible to have a world where love always wins.


Sarah said... in tears now too!! I love that. I get all wrapped up in movies too!!
I too feel the love in this picture hon - lovely and touching!!
Hugs to you darlin', Sarah

LindaGJ said...

Beautifully expressed!

Paint said...

Beautiful painting and beautiful sentiments, Sherry. The capacity to "touch" someone, to evoke feelings through any art medium is what makes us uniquely human.

Sherry Byrum said...

Thank you ladies!!!